Opinion – Scrap T20I for more tour games

Since India’s thrashing in the 2nd Specsavers Test to England at Lord’s, there has been a lot of talk on social media about touring sides not having enough time to prepare or acclimatize to local conditions.

The question is then asked, what can be done to help?

A popular response to this is there is not enough time to schedule more tour games because of the amount of cricket that is played today.

Well there is a very simple answer that would resolve this very quickly – remove international T20s from the cricket calendar and you all of a sudden have more time for tour games.

Former South African captain, Graeme Smith earlier this year, at an event in Mumbai, was quoted as saying:

“I am a big believer that T20 cricket shouldn’t be played at international level. Maybe have a World Cup every couple of years but it should be largely a domestic-based format”

I completely agree with this.

International T20s to me, are a waste of time. They are meaningless. So why is so much importance placed on them? They just add more chance for players to get injured, they shorten a players career, they overburden players, they are not worthy of taking up so much time on the international cricket calendar.

For instance, in the current Indian tour to the UK, they started proceedings playing 3 T20s that took place over the course of 7 days, from June 27th – July 3rd. In that time, India could have played a nice 4-day tour game, which would’ve given them a good platform, early in the tour to get accustomed and acclimatized to English conditions and be better suited to playing in the Test matches.

India had also been in England for over a month prior to the Test series starting, they had played a lot of cricket in that time (3 T20s, 3 ODIs and a 3 day tour game). They also shortened their only tour game before the Test series began, so no-one can really say they didn’t have enough time to acclimatize.

This has been the argument for the limited overs games being played before the Test series, which is something I am not accustomed to, to get players acclimatized to local conditions before the rigours of the Test series begin.

India had that, so there is no excuse for their poor performances other than poor preparation and planning.

Bottom line though, international T20s are a waste of time, so I really would love it if they were scrapped from the international calendar, so that more time was given to touring sides to play more than one tour game ahead of a Test series.

Let’s face it, that is the main event of a series and what we all are excited for anyway.



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