Time for Ottis Gibson to go

South Africa were knocked out of the Cricket World Cup on June 23rd 2019.

It has now been six weeks since that dreadful day and yet, no decision has been made on Ottis Gibson.

It is understood that Cricket South Africa are divided on Gibson’s future. While some have seen enough, and want to move on, others are saying that the 18 months he was given to build towards the World Cup was not enough time.

No amount of time would help the painfully obvious fact that Gibson does not understand the importance of batting, nor does he care.

The fact that the batting coach he appointed, Dale Benkenstein doesn’t believe there is a problem in the batting when they can’t play spin means they aren’t doing their jobs.

South Africa have a legitimate problem with playing spin and playing in the subcontinent. If the disastrous Sri Lankan tour in 2018 wasn’t evidence enough, then I don’t know what would be.

It is not just a “mental thing”, as Benkenstein would lead us to believe, and it is not good if the batsmen are being “positive” with their stroke play if there is no plan or purpose with their batting.

Far too often, we’ve seen the Protea batsmen getting out, playing a wild stroke, when there was absolutely no need for it. What was the plan there?

As the batting coach, it is his job to be qualified enough to help the batsmen see faults in their technique and game, and to help them.

He is not.

As the Head Coach, Gibson’s job is to ensure that his charges are taken care of and getting the support they need.

He is not.

South Africa need to look to the next two years, the World Test Championship is not a joke or something to be taken lightly, they can’t use the India tour as a warm up for England.

They can only move forward with a new coach, one that understands the importance of batting. Some might say that there is not enough time for a new coach to make a difference, but it’s about quality not quantity.

Two weeks with a good coach, with good coaching skills will always be better than 6 weeks with a bad coach with no coaching skills.

Gibson has to go and he can take Benkenstein with him.



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