Virat Kohli – The Best in the World

Virat Kohli has just won another ODI game and another ODI series for India, where he scored back-to-back centuries as India won the ODI series against the West Indies.

Kohli is by far, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest batsman in the modern era.

He has the ability to score runs with such ease. His footwork, his patience, his shot selection, his resolve, all of his attributes make him the player he is. An absolute genius.

What makes Kohli such a special player is his unwavering passion for the game. It is incredibly refreshing to see a young player so dedicated to playing international cricket for their country.

While captaincy often has a detrimental effect on a player’s performance, this does not apply to Kohli.

In the 80 ODIs Kohli has played since taking over the captaincy, he has scored 4800 runs at the phenomenal average of 80. No-one has a better captaincy batting average than he does. South Africa’s AB de Villiers averages 64 in the 103 ODIs he captained South Africa in.

Kohli seems to thrive under the pressure and uses it to motivate him.

He currently has 21 ODI centuries as captain, in only 76 innings, while former Australian captain, Ricky Ponting had 22 in 220 innings.

The records just keep on coming.

Kohli has now also become the first player in the history of the game to score 20,000 international runs in a decade, with 20,003.

Half of these have come in ODIs alone where he has scored 11,036 in this current decade, which includes an incredible 42 centuries and 51 half-centuries.

The previous highest was Ricky Ponting, who scored 18,962 international runs in the decade starting in 2000, and 9103 ODI runs in the same decade with 23 centuries and 56 half-centuries.

Virat Kohli’s stats are mind-blowing. Virat Kohli is mind-blowing.

We are lucky to witness a cricketer of his skill and we all have to wonder, just how many more records is Virat Kohli going to break in his international career?

All of them?

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