It was my pleasure to chat to former Dolphins and Proteas Cricketer Jon Kent about his time playing, and his thoughts on current affairs in Cricket.

5 Questions with Jon Kent...

TPC: You were 18 years old when you made your First-class debut for the Dolphins, and by the time you retired, cricket had changed so much, what are thoughts on the innovation of T20 cricket?

JK: The intensity of the white ball formats has certainly been raised, so scores are always gettable and batsmen put bowlers under more pressure earlier on than ever before with the T20 format being the reason.

TPC: You played with the likes of Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis, and Shaun Pollock, arguably some of the best players that have represented South African Cricket, was there anything that you learned from them?

JK: The quality training not the quantity makes the difference, each of those guys are very different, Kallis very clinical and a guy such as Gibbs takes chances on the field so finding the balance and understanding yourself is key.

TPC: Faf du Plessis, has joined the brigade of cricketing minds that would like to see the toss removed from Test Cricket, what is your take on the toss? Do you think pitches will get better and games will last longer if the toss is removed?

JK: I did see a stat on winning and losing tosses, that it doesn't make a huge difference. But it is part of the game that can throw upon change and no one can predict that at least!! Faf did bring this up at not a great time after we lost last week though....

TPC: Aiden Markram made a sterling start to his Test career, after only 10 Tests, he averaged over 40. His talent is obvious, but do you think his lean run of form in Sri Lanka will dent his confidence?

JK: I’m sure Aiden will be able to put this glitch behind him and he can hopefully express himself and get some, ODI form going! He should be instilled as captain after the WC in England next year.

TPC: South Africa suffered a Test series defeat against Sri Lanka, after such a successful home summer, how do you think they’ll move on from this? Do you think it was just rust and they just needed to simply shake off the cobwebs?

JK: This was very sobering for the setup after some time off after our summer, doesn't seem like our prep was anywhere good enough and it shows. The selections and thinking were really exposed by only playing 1 spinner in Sri Lanka, simply not good enough if a couch fan at home can tell it wasn't right!!

It was great to speak to someone that has played Cricket at both domestic & international level, and to hear his thoughts on these questions that have been on my mind for a while. Thank you Jon Kent!