We had the privilege and honour of chatting to the father of Dale Steyn, arguably the greatest fast bowler to ever represent the Proteas.

5 Questions with Schalk Steyn...

TPC: How did Dale get interested in cricket?

SS: Dale was introduced to cricket by his cousins who lived in Zimbabwe at the time, I think he was about 5 or 6 years old, his cousins were a bit older and they took him to meet the Zim national team, we were on holiday in Zimbabwe at that time.

TPC: Once you saw his talents, what did you do to encourage him?

SS: Dale has had wonderful ball sense from very young so he stated playing Bakers Mini Cricket in Grade 1 and he just bloomed from there.

TPC: How does it make you feel to see the greatness that Dale has achieved in his career?

SS: I just feel so proud simply because Dale never went to any fancy schools to get where he is, he simply worked very hard and committed himself and the best is he has always remained stable with both feet on the ground and stayed humble and respectful, please know that it was not easy for Dale to get where he is today.

TPC: Out of Dale's 696 international wickets, what is your favourite one, or the one that stands out the most and why?

SS: Well the wicket that stands out for me and will for the rest of my life was his very first international wicket where he bowled Michael Vaughan’s stumps out of the ground in PE, I was there and not only did it blow my mind but to see that whole stadium go up in support made me cry like a baby, it was so awesome.

TPC: What are your thoughts on the upcoming Cricket World Cup?

SS: Well I do put our guys in the top 3 and if they stick to their guns I believe they can do it, they have to because there a few of our veterans including Dale who more than likely will never experience a World Cup Tournament again. We must be positive.

It was incredible to speak to the Dad of the great Dale Steyn, and learn a bit about how he came to be who he is today. Thank you Mr Steyn for your time! It was truly a privilege.